3D Freeze Dried Anti Wrinkle Collagen Eye Mask Remove Eye Bags Dark Circles Under Eye Patches

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40pc seaweed collagn40pc seaweed collagn60pc Hyaluronic acid60pc Hyaluronic acid

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  • Nombre de la marca Lanthome
  • género Unisex
  • Origen CN(Origin)
  • Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid, Hydrolyzed collagen
  • NET WT: according to your choice
  • Smell: Natural
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Certification: GZZZ
  • Feature: Anti-Puffiness
  • Feature: Dark Circle
  • Feature: Moisturizing
  • Feature: Anti-Aging
  • Número certificado: 20170608
  • Número de modelo Lyophilized collagen mask
  • Size: Travel size. Easy to carry.
  • New freeze-drying technology: The first freeze-dried eye mask in the marke
  • Efficacy 1: Quickly lifting and firming eyes
  • Efficacy 2: smooth fine lines
  • Efficacy 3: restore full eye muscles
  • Efficacy 4: brighten your eyes

Package NOTE:

Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Eye Mask: 60PCS=30 Pairs/Pack.

Seaweed Collagen Eye Mask: 40PCS=20 Pairs/Pack.

Package introduction:

The first freeze-dried eye mask in the market, redefining collagen skin care, the eye mask is divided into 3D freeze-dried floc and essence eye mask, dry and wet combination, double membrane, accurate penetration, lifting and smoothe wrinkles. Main Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid, Hydrolyzed collagen. Product safety: Pure ecological zero anti-corrosion, no fragrance, no added. Suitable for pregnant women, sensitive muscles, and fragile skin.

Obvious Efficacy:

Quickly lifting and firming eyes, smooth fine lines, restore full eye muscles, and brighten your eyes. New freeze-drying technology: The lyophilized collagen mask is freeze-dried to freeze the essence into a solid state, and then the water is sublimated and dried. The essence is attached to the mask paper itself, and the mask containing the full essence can be obtained by adding water. Add hyaluronic acid hydrating essence Enriched with large and small molecular hyaluronic acid, it can quickly open the pores of theskin, create a moisturizing protective layer for the skin, absorb multiple molecules and inject deep into the skin.lbq8620_05


1. After opening the package, take a proper amount (about 2-5ml) of pure water to soak the mask, don’t put too much water. 2. After soaking in pure water for 3 minutes, the lyophilized water-free mask will become viscous and become crystal. 3. For better moisturizing and beauty effects, it is recommended to use 10-15 minutes. 4. In order to form a protective film, it is necessary to apply static treatment for 30 minutes and then peel off the film, and then gently massage the face to help further absorb the remaining anhydrous lyophilized mask essence. 5. After applying the mask, use hydrating cream or essence to make the final skin care. Moisturizer or essence can make the water hydrate last for a long time. NOTE: you can choose cool or warm pure water according to your individual good feelin





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3D Freeze Dried Anti Wrinkle Collagen Eye Mask Remove Eye Bags Dark Circles Under Eye Patches

$11.93$17.69 (-33%)

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